Founder Q&A

We caught up with Creative Director & Co-founder, Katie Loxton, to hear all about A Littles & Co.!

Who better to introduce you to A Littles & Co. and our debut collection than our Creative Director & Co-founder, Katie Loxton!

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Tell us how A Littles & Co. came about...

A littles & Co has been a really exciting project we've been working on over the last few years actually! We’ve been talking about how incredible the feedback has been on our Katie Loxton jewelry pieces in America, and particularly our A Little Bracelets - they’ve become a movement of their own - we now sell an A Little worldwide every 30 seconds! The product has got a big following we could never have imagined how loved they would be, so it was definitely time to give them a space of their own.

Our jewelry really has a thoughtful and sentimental meaning to it, which inspired the brand name - we often refer to the phrase ‘a little means a lot’, it’s really what our jewelry stands for - sharing happiness, love and kindness, one piece of jewelry at a time. 

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If you could sum up the brand in three words, what would they be?

What is your favorite piece or collection from the debut A Littles & Co. collection?

It would be our Gold-tone Plated A Littles! It’s been really exciting seeing the momentum built from our A Little Collection and especially in America we can see that beautiful trend for gold-tone jewelry, so it’s been so exciting to relaunch our bestsellers in gold-tone and then build up that collection for the new season. We’re really excited for customers to experience (and gift!) these golden styles. 

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Tell us why the A Little Bracelets are so loved…

A Little Bracelets are so loved because they are sweet, they’re very thoughtful and they find the words you want to say when you’re giving a gift. Jewelry has this special power to hold memories and meaning, everybody will be able to tell you where their jewelry comes from and what it stands for! I think that really resonated with our jewelry and we’ve turned these beautiful little bracelets where the charm represents something special.

We’ve created this huge collection with the view to be as inclusive of a brand as we possibly can be, making sure we have something for absolutely every occasion and every person. There are so many sentiments to collect and treasure, we’ve been so lucky to have customers that return and wrist stack with our A Little Bracelets to really tell their life story - they can look down at their wrist and see their special life moments. That, paired with the quality and great price points means that they will be cherished forevermore!

What pieces from the collection will you be gifting to your nearest and dearest? 

Pieces I’ll be gifting are the A Littles, always! Also, our Stacks Of Style Collection, it’s the perfect way to share and inspire layering and stacking of jewelry in the easiest way. This collection is so effortless to give as a gift and the arc cards these pieces sit on are just gorgeous! 

Why did you think it important to create a brand for the US market?

Actually, in the UK our jewelry collection and Katie Loxton have always existed as two separate brands - when it came to the US, we connected that together. But over time, the love for our jewelry has really developed, so we wanted to create a brand with its own story and handwriting. Our A Littles & Co. brand really represents memories, moments and meaning - we’re a brand based on gifting moments and the happiness they bring. It was the right time for A Littles & Co. - and we hope you love it as much as we do! 

Why did you think it important to create a brand for the US market?

The world is our oyster when it comes to A Littles & Co.! We want it to achieve so much - we really believe in what we stand for. If, as a brand, we can continue to share happiness and thoughtfulness and a little kindness between people, then that is truly success for us! We’re hoping to see huge growth across the US market this year, and we’re excited to see where this year will take us…we hope you join us on the journey!

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